The demand for videos has clearly risen. Yet restricted budgets restrain an increase in productions. In 2023 Dr. Graeser Film & Video Auditing was founded as a sister company to help allocate video budgets more efficiently.

Remote Editing

Your solution for Social Media Videos

We support you to deliver professional videos simply with your mobile phone and a sophisticated, cloud-based workflow.

Editing, music, titles and videoupload – we take care of your videos, while you film on-site.

Dr. Stefan Graeser, Managing Director

Change Videos

Videos are capable to emotionally lead change communication. However, content and stories of change videos differ significantly from regular promotional communication. 

Based upon the experience of change coach Prof. Dr. Jan Lies we produce videos that support the change.


Cinema & Documentary, that’s a Cinementary!

We have developed an unique approach to produce cinematic videos at almost documentary cost. This increases production value while lowering the costs.

Communication of Technology